How to get an alien to Ukraine

Types of visas to Ukraine

Visas depending on the purpose of the trip are divided into the following types, which are indicated by the letter code (in letters of the Latin alphabet – in the machine readable zone):

  • transit visa (denoted by the letter B, in the machine readable zone – VB)
  • short-term visa (denoted by the letter C, in the machine-readable area – VC)
  • long-term visa (denoted by the letter D, in the machine-readable area – VD).

To obtain a residence permit for a man, a foreigner needs a long-term visa

A long-term visa is issued to foreigners and stateless persons for entry into Ukraine for the purpose of registration of documents that grant the right to stay or stay in Ukraine for a term exceeding 90 days.

A long-term visa is issued by a foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine as multiple for 90 days, unless otherwise provided by law or international treaties of Ukraine.

The term during which a foreigner or stateless person can enter Ukraine and the term of stay in its territory is indicated on the visa sticker.

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