Pumpkin porridge with rice

Pumpkin porridge with rice is a very tasty traditional Ukrainian dish, which is suitable for both adult and baby food.

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Pumpkin porridge with rice recipe first

So, the products that you will need for cooking pumpkin porridge with milk and rice:

  • 500-600 grams of pumpkin, already peeled,
  • about a glass of milk,
  • 7 tablespoons of rice,
  • butter,
  • sugar and salt – to taste.

How to cook pumpkin porridge with milk and rice:

You need to gently wash the pumpkin, remove the skin and seeds. Then the peeled pieces of pumpkin should be cut into cubes, put in a saucepan and pour with water.

You need to take twice as much water as pumpkins. Then the pan should be covered with a lid and cooked over a low heat until the pumpkin is fully cooked.

With this, you need to put the already washed rice in the pumpkin. After that, fire can be done a little more and cook the dish until the rice is completely cooked. As soon as the rice is boiled, and the water in the pan to cope so that only a little cover the porridge, then add the milk to the pan, add a little salt and sugar.

Pumpkin porridge can be made as sweet as you like it.

After that, the porridge should be cooked until the milk boils. After this, the fire is made less, cooked for 5 minutes, all the while stirring the gruel with a spoon. During this time, rice should be completely boiled.

The main thing that your porridge is not burnt, so do not forget to interfere with it. Then put a small piece of butter in a bowl of porridge.

Pumpkin porridge with rice – recipe for the second

If you make porridge from the sort of “Stofuntovaya” pumpkin, take steamed milk and rice of “jasmine”, then you will get a very tasty hot dessert, but not an ordinary dish. Such pumpkin porridge with rice is delicious to eat with butter and a little sugar.


  • pumpkin – 800 grams,
  • 4.5 cups of milk,
  • 1.5 cups of rice,
  • butter – 100 grams,
  • salt and sugar to taste,
  • whipped cream for serving.


In order to make a delicious pumpkin porridge with rice. we need to prepare a pumpkin first. It is cleaned and washed, cut into small pieces.

After that you need to make a pumpkin in a saucepan, pour milk – 1.5 cups. Then the pumpkin should be boiled on a small fire until ready. After this, the pumpkin should be put on a sieve, wipe it off as soon as it cools.

Then you need to wash the rice. Then pour rice to pour three glasses of milk and cook a delicious crumbly porridge. Once the porridge is cooked, you need to mix it with the pumpkin.

Then we need to put cream butter in the porridge and put it in a warm oven for a while, so that the porridge gently blushes.

To pumpkin porridge with rice, you must serve cold milk or whipped cream.

Pumpkin porridge with rice and honey

Ingredients for pumpkin porridge with rice and honey:

  • pumpkin – 300 g.
  • rice – 1 tbsp.
  • honey – 1 tbsp.
  • egg – 1 piece,
  • salt – (at the tip of the knife),

Preparation of pumpkin porridge with rice and honey:

Any pumpkin porridge is cooked on the basis of stewed pumpkin, so first we need to put out this vegetable. To do this, my pumpkin, remove the skin from it with a knife and cut the flesh into pieces of about 2-3 cm. Then spread the pieces of pumpkin with a small pot, fill it with water (you can not fill it completely), put it on the fire and stew until soft.

We take another pot, pour a glass of rice into it, fill it with three glasses of water. We put on the fire and cook rice, from time to time stirring, so that the porridge does not stick to the bottom of the pan. If the pumpkin is already prepared (than pierce it very easily), we spread it into a deep plate and knead it with a crib.

It turns out pumpkin puree.

While rice is being cooked for pumpkin porridge. do not forget to salt it. However, our porridge should be sweet, so we put the salt very little – at the tip of the knife. If the rice porridge is already ready, do not remove it from the heat: we keep the whole dish till the end of cooking.

To the finished rice porridge add the pumpkin puree and mix well.

Then, in a deep plate, break the egg and whisk it with a fork.

Pour the beaten egg into a saucepan of rice and pumpkin and mix thoroughly.

The last step of cooking pumpkin porridge with rice is the addition of honey. We put a spoonful of honey in a saucepan, mix the porridge and serve it on the table. Now our dish will be very sweet!

Pumpkin porridge with rice and honey is ready! Enjoy your meal!