A permanent residence permit in Ukraine

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine gives the opportunity to live in Ukraine without a time limit and have all the rights that the citizens of Ukraine with the exception of political rights to be elected to bodies of power and local self-government and to elect representatives to these organizations. The main reason of obtaining a permanent residence permit is the existence of family ties with citizens of Ukraine or investing in the Ukrainian economy. Please contact our professional consultants who will recommend You the best method of immigration to Ukraine.


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Call Center for guests of Kiev and all Ukraine

Call Center

Multilingual Call-center for guests of Kyiv and all Ukraine
Ukraine and in particular the capital of Ukraine – the city of Kiev are very popular for tourists from Central and Western Europe, the Middle East, South and East Asia, North and even South America.

Every year more and more foreigners visit Ukraine.

In Ukraine, various sports competitions of international level are held, for example, football tournaments (Euro 2012, Champions League final of 2018), international competitions of Eurovision 2005 and 2017 and other international events.

Recently, participants of popular K-Pop (popular Korean music bands) came to Kiev and gave concerts.

If you came to the capital of Ukraine and do not know:
how to buy a SIM card for using a mobile phone,
how to get to some place,
where you stay for the night,
how to buy food,
where and how to purchase electronics or accessories,
where to leave your car safe,
where to find a lawyer or consultant,
where to buy tickets to the cinema,
what to visit restaurants and bars,
what attractions to visit,
do not worry, not everything is lost.
Our company is qualified to provide you with reliable and correct information about the most trusted and commensurable price places, will book you hotel, tell you what to do in any difficult situation, our translator from English to Ukrainian will translate the words of any person who meets you in Ukraine.



Call Center for guests of Kiev and all Ukraine